> Cards that Speak Brilliantly...without Words


I photograph flowers in their natural state and also arrangements that I design, incorporating flowers and other materials that I find along the beach or in the woods. I regularly exhibit my photographs at local shows and galleries and have won several prizes.

Now my passion for photography and nature leads me in a new direction. I am making photo cards as yet another way to share my passion with others.

This all began years ago when I planted my first garden with wildflowers. The first blossoms of Nigella, Coneflower, a Daisy, and Mallow spoke to me in a powerful language, a visual language that went straight to my heart. Of course, I couldn't stop there! I began buying perennials and annual plants to fill in my garden. Then I went even a step further and began pressing and drying flowers for permanent arrangements.

All the natural beauty and inspiration I have found throughout this long journey come together in my newest venture. I hope you will enjoy my website as it evolves...and share in the excitement!

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